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Wedding Designs

Contact your Wedding Planner for Special Prices

Contact your Wedding Planner to see if they are part of the HJartistry Affiliate Program. By having a planner who is part of our network, you will be included in special deals on custom designs, specifically for weddings.

Weddings are one of the best events in our life, and we want to make sure you have something unique to make the day even more memorable! 

Details on your custom work:

Please fill out the information to get a price estimate for your special day!

Fill out as many details as possible in the comments section to receive a quote. The more details the better.

Include: Sizes, Men's/Women's, design ideas and color choices, base shoe/heels, your budget, etc. 

Final prices range from $275-550+ will take a minimum of 6-10+ weeks.


Shipping is an additional fee ($15-25+ depending on the weight/quantity).

Average price is $300 plus the cost of the shoes

In order to get a custom by HJartistry you must reserve a slot in advance with a $20 non-refundable deposit (the deposit is to pay for the design time, etc).



1. You will fill out the Price Estimate section, prior to purchasing, to make sure I am able to do the design you would like, with all the details about what type of shoes you would like--as many details as possible please. 

2. Once I confirm I am able to do a design-please PURCHASE the $20 Wedding Listing. I will work out 1-2 different design ideas (if you need multiple details/changes etc the cost will increase).

3. I will send you 1-2 different designs and the price estimates for the shoes.

4. You purchase the final listing (that I will post up separately for you). You must purchase the final listing in order to receive the shoes. 

Initial Wedding Design Reservation= $20

The $20 is applied to your custom design

The final listing will start at $275+ 

Please remember that shipping is an additional fee.

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