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Submit your videos for a chance to win $100 worth of free stencils!

Filming a Video
Video Blogger

Here are the suggestions/rules/guidelines for the video:

  • By submitting a video you are not guaranteed to be featured and receive $100 worth of stencils- only the best videos submitted will be used. 

  • If you are outside of the USA we cannot offer you free stencils, but you are welcome to submit a video for a chance to be featured (you will not receive a gift, it will just be the YouTube feature).

  • Videos do not have to be shown using our stencils. You are welcome to paint/design anything. This includes various colorways/airbrushing, etc. Normally, shoe videos will do best, but if you create a jacket/purse/etc you are welcome to send in your video.

  • You may submit videos you have already posted on your IG/Youtube/Etc

  • By submitting videos you agree that we are allowed the chance to feature them on our YouTube Page.

  • If your video is featured, we will give you a one time use $100 credit on Stencils at

  • Be sure to create your video in a well-lit area (but not direct sunlight)

  • Try to show the entire process from start to finish

  • Each clip only needs to be about 20-30 seconds, but more time is good too (as I can always edit).

  • Make sure to record the video in the landscape setting--hold the camera horizontally (not vertically so there are not black bars on the side)

  • Videos can be anywhere from 4-10+ minutes long.

  • Make sure to record in 4K or 1080p (or 720p)- as high of res as possible. I will edit the videos with music/voice over etc.

  • Send the video files and send a few photos of the finish design so I can use that as the thumbnail for YouTube

  • Be sure to let me know your website/social media accounts/and your logo so I can link them in the YouTube video (have the full link to your websites etc).

  • To see other FEATURE FRIDAY VIDEOS click here.

Submit your info here for my video email address to send your videos--good luck! 

Questions? Feel free to contact us below as well!

Request To Send Videos
Please type in the message box that you would like to submit a video(s)
Upon sending the request, you should receive the email to submit the videos
within 72 hrs. Thank you! Happy Creating!

Thanks for submitting!

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