Iron On Decal-D-Designer Medium-HTV

Iron On Decal-D-Designer Medium-HTV

Please read all details below, thanks!


You will need a mini-iron or an iron to apply these. 


NOTE: I personally find that using any type of iron on decal/Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) does not always have the durability as with using pro grade paints. Ideally, put the HTV on an area of the shoes that is not susceptible to creasing. Keep in mind this can scratch or peel over with any custom shoes.


This is a iron on sheet, with your choice of the number of sheet(s) and size.

Decals are only partially weeded out (to make sure that it cut properly) but you will have to remove the rest of the HTV on your own. 


These iron on decals can be used on canvas etc. If you use them on leather, the leather must have been prepped prior to using the decals. 


If you have never used these, please view my tutorial video below:

Video Tutorial on my YouTube Page-CLICK HERE to view. 



Iron-On Decal Instructions

You will need a mini iron (for shoes etc) or a regular Iron (for shirts/jackets/jeans etc)

Step 1- Weed the decal. Use weeding tools (or an xacto knife or larger needle) to pull out the parts of the decal you don't need.

Step 2-Have your iron on the LOW setting. The high setting will melt your iron-on decal. Let your iron warm up for about 10 minutes.

Step 3-Place the sticky side down on the shoe/shirt (so it slightly sticks to the surface of the item)

Step 4-Use your mini iron to press it, but be careful not to iron off of the plastic part.

Step 5- Now take the brown (or it may be another color) paper and go over your decal with the iron. Press firmly and slowly move your iron

Step 6-Make sure to iron on your decal for around 30+ seconds. The clear plastic sheet, over you decal, should peel up easily when it is set properly

Step 7-Take the brown paper (as mention in step 5) and go over the decal, once more, for about 30 seconds.

Step 8-Your iron on decal should be set! If any edges are peeling up, repeat step 7.

Keep in mind that you do not want to have your iron sit in one spot for too long, keep the iron moving. Remember that placing your iron directly on the shoe/shirt etc can melt the material…only place your iron on the clear plastic sheet or the brown sheet. If you plan to do this on Leather Shoes, like Air Force 1s, the shoe can be prepped with Acetone prior to applying the decal or it may not adhere properly.






Iron On Decal- Your choice of Color- Rainbow or Silver

Rainbow-Rainbow color with a flash and Black/Dark Grey in the Normal Light

Silver- Silvery/White color with a flash and Silver/Light Grey in the Normal Light


D- Designer Sheet- Medium is approximately ~9.25"x5"  if you need a different size please contact me prior to ordering.

Orders generally ship 3-5 business days after purchase (arriving to you 10 business days or sooner via usps first class).



Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

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