Designer- 10"x6"Size Sheet

Designer- 10"x6"Size Sheet

Please read all details below and look at all the photos. Thanks!



NOTE: Personally, I recommend the Individually Placed Sheet- They are much easier to use and the other sheet you get more for your money.


If you plan to do the toeboxes and all 4 checks, I would recommend getting 2 sheets (or opt for the Individually Placed Sheet).  


Also, if you are using this sheet for canvas shoes, it is quite difficult to use...please be patient when using this (as it can take up to 15+ minutes to properly adhere this full sheet). If you are not as experienced, I recommend only using this on leather shoes.


This is a stencil sheet, with your choice of the number of sheet(s) and size.

Stencils are not weeded out- so you can use the negative or positive.


I also have other LV styles of stencils so be sure to check them out as well. 


These stencils were made for assisting in customizing sneakers—Jordans/Vans/Nikes/Adidas etc. Normally, the stencil vinyl will be black/matte black, but it may be any color.



Use the transfer paper (if selected) and carefully apply stencil/vinyl to the shoe. You may weed out the design before or after you place the stencil+transfer paper on the shoe. Apply stencil to shoe and then carefully remove the transfer paper and paint around/in the stencil (depending on if you used the positive or negative side).Ideally when painting on/around stencils, use an airbrush for best results and airbrush very light coats. When finished, carefully remove the stencil. I recommend following the proper steps for using Angelus paints when painting your shoes.


There are lots of youtube videos with applying stencils to shoes. Be sure to check out the videos if you have not used them before.


Click Here: Youtube- HJartistry- To apply Stencils to your Shoes for my YouTube Playlist for my recommendation on using the stencils. I highly recommend watching all the videos if you have not customized your shoes before. You are also welcome to YouTube HJartistry to see my other videos or go to:




These stencils can also be used for tracing/crafts/applying to vehicle or computer etc




Vinyl Stencil- Normally will be matte black, but may be a different color

10"x6"  if you need a different size please contact me prior to ordering.

If you need transfer paper please select that option for an additional cost.

Orders generally ship 1-2 business days after purchase (arriving to you 6-8 business days via usps first class).

Select Priority shipping to have your stencils quickly (4-5 business days or less of purchase via usps priority mail).


Please let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!